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The S.M.A.R.T. Management People!™

HD Faculty is established under the laws of Canada, and it exists by virtue of Canada Business Corporation Act.  The principal business of HD Faculty™ is to provide full service management and research faculties that study, manage, administer, resolve, transform and produce products and solutions for its clientele and/or their respective client that requires research, development and deployment of market niche products as well as administrative, technical, commercial and other value added services and facilities.

Mission. The mission of HD Faculty™ is to do that which it is in business to do, through the seeking of honour over wealth that leads to prosperity and honour!

Mandate. HD Faculty™ is mandated to provide a series of specialized faculties that are staffed by seasoned professionals and qualified support staff that are empowered, authorized and equipped to provide its commodities and packaged solutions to its clients.

Purpose. The purpose of HD Faculty™ is to study, manage, administer, resolve, transform and provide the required services and facilities that will enable its captive clientele to bring to fruition their goals and objectives in a timely and prudent manner.

Core activities. The core activities of HD Faculty™ are:-
  • to study, manage, administer, resolve, transform, monetize, subsidize, coordinate or otherwise assist any of its clients’ company or companies,
  • to provide requisite administrative, technical, commercial, secretarial and other services and facilities of all kinds for any such company or companies; and
  • to make payments by way of subvention or otherwise and any other arrangements, which may seem desirable with respect to any business or operations of or generally with respect to any such company or companies.
Strategy: The strategy employed by HD Faculty permits it to benefit from the best names in the, (a) service industries and capital projects, (b) information and communication technologies, and (c) scientific research and development business. HD Faculty's strategic alliances (both domestic and international) provide the skills and facilities required to perform advanced research and development, while providing investors with investment opportunities, and enabling governmental clients to perform at their peak.
Ownership. As at the date hereof, HD Faculty is a Canadian privately controlled corporation.
Eligible Owners
subsidiaries and/or affiliated entities;
presiding directors and/or officers;
current members of the faculties and/or employees;
targeted takeover company (brought about by a swap);
licensed financial institutions; and/or
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