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The Faculties
HD Faculty™ is required to be staffed by adeptly skilled teams, support staff and strategic partners that are put in place on a case-by-C/A/S/E basis in order to initiate and bring to fruition a given client’s project. It is structured and empowered to draw upon qualified professionals, be its own and/or its strategic partners’ resources of scientists, chemists, microbiologists, technologists, engineers, draftsmen, professional management consultants, chartered [public] accountants, certified management accountants; investment bankers, general corporate and commercial lawyers, and securities lawyers that are experienced in human and natural resources development, chemical, electronic, mechanical, electrical, computer, environmental and civil engineering, microbiology, business management, accounting, law, investment, securities, and information processing and management.

You can log into the interactive portal. Any inquiries relating to this area can be addressed to: hdfaculty@hdfaculty.com

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