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Investment Bankers
Where HD Faculty is called upon to provide its financial products and/or services in respect to a given client’s transaction that requires it to engage the services of its designated team of Investment Bankers, the below-cited scope of work and typical duties and responsibilities will serve as a general point of reference. Nonetheless, the said shall be executed in accordance with the rules, regulations, statutes, laws and codes of the relevant jurisdiction.
Scope of Work
The scope of work from time to time will include, but not be limited to such activities as merchant banking, fairness opinions, fund management, venture capital management, investment research, risk management, underwriting activities, due diligence, corporate finance advisory, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures whereby the team of qualified Investment Bankers will be required to aid and abet in the raising of capital for a given government, organization, corporation and the like, in the public domain.
Furthermore, the team, from time to time, conducts earning evolutions, namely, capitalized cost, income booked from doubtful receivables; LIFO/FIFO cost of goods and services sold issues; timing differences; taxation deferrals; net-operating losses and tax credits; non-recurring profits and losses; and changing accounting methods and reporting periods. They also conduct asset evolutions that requires them to address receivables quality and collectability; inventory quality and ageing; LIFO/FIFO issues; market value versus historical costs of fixed assets; depreciation, amortization and allocation systems; investments in illiquid corporate securities; lease values; natural resources, asset value; related-party loans; patents, trademarks, and so forth; and goodwill. Another area which individual team members of HD Faculty shall focus on, is in the area of liabilities evaluations, namely, debt structure and principal repayment schedules; loan covenant restrictions and penalties; off-balance sheet and contingent liabilities; guarantee of third-party debt; related-party debt; long-term leases and supply contract; under-funded or over-funded plans or programs; and retiree obligations. Along with the foregoing, the team members, from time to time, monitor the dividends and covenants on stocks; dilutions through convertible debt, preferred stock, and warrants; and contingent dilutions, namely, stock used for acquisitions and dependent of future market price and operation performance.
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