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Monetary Risk Management

Mandate of the Board. HD Faculty's board of Directors in their discretion, are mandated to establish and maintain a risk management committee to prepare policies, procedures, guidelines and assessment methods that will enable the Risk Management Team of HD Faculty™ to perform the necessary risk assessments and respond in a prudent, timely and professional manner.

Mandate of the RMT. The Risk Management Team has been mandated to:

  • establish key components of each category of transaction;
  • prioritize objectives;
  • identify threats and opportunities related to a transaction;
  • isolate and regroup risk into permitted categories;
  • establish set priorities in line with the risk mitigation and removal programs;
  • develop sustainable capability through alliances with governmental and institutional entities that will increase confidence and ability to fulfil its business objectives and purposes, on time, each and every time;
  • improve HD Faculty's execution plans through informed persons that understand the nature and extent of the respective risk and impact;t
  • establish and maintain risk monitor gauges that will identify, quantify and demonstrate HD Faculty's understanding and its effectiveness in respect to risk mitigation and control;
  • provide the Directors with demonstrated assurance about HD Faculty's risk management achievements pertaining to its goals, purposes and objectives; and,
  • establish maintain and update the policies, procedural guidelines and information system regularly in order to meet and or exceed the needs and requirements of the respective client of any of its proprietary products, as well as HD-BIPS™, HD-SPIV™ and HD-iSPIV™



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