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Human Factor

HD Faculty's human factor requirements make it essential to hire the best people within the industry that are motivated and empowered to carry out their assigned tasks. As such, HD Faculty's Management Team and Management Faculty, from time to time, consists of people with the essential background in:

  1. Service Industries and Capital Projects:

Human and natural resources development, deposit-accepting institutions, financial management consulting services, accounting, law, investment, securities, and information processing and management informatics, documentation, technical writing services, and governmental infra programs and operating systems.

  1. Information & Communications Technologies:

Computer engineering, software, software tools and applications.

  1. Research and Experimental Development Services:

Experienced in chemical, electronic, mechanical, electrical, computer and civil engineering, environment, and microbiology.

To achieve its stated goals and objectives HD Faculty is required to utilize a tailored internal audit competency system that seamlessly integrates competency into all its people’s activities in respect to internal and external clients, which includes the requisite systems and implementation guidelines for directors, management and participating governmental officials, namely, business development; business advancement; quality of leadership; management and control; teamwork; maximization of resources (through quality and safe planning); personal quality; continuous improvement; and working only with factual information.

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