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The contents of these Sections are Commercial Confidential and proprietary to HD Faculty. The data herein are not to be used for personal benefit or to be disclosed to any other person or party, or to be reproduced, or translated, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of HD Faculty.

All dollar amounts are stated in the currency of Canada, unless otherwise stated. Operations carried on in other jurisdictions will be computed at the relevant exchange rate and adjusted accordingly. No allowance has been made for inflation, changing or buying power of the currency, and all amounts are expressed in the respective year-dollar value.

The Financial Reports represent the available information and data at the time of writing, but is subject to change based on new information and assumptions. HD Faculty, from time to time, may update the materials without any prior notice at its sole and absolute discretion.

Where it is deemed necessary, the Financial Reports may be made available to a limited number of strategic partners, participating institutions or sophisticated investors, and acceptance of a copy or copies binds the reader to the caveats outlined therein.

Herein you will find the following topics addressed:

Achieving Excellence
Message to Stakeholders
Corporate Profile
Products and Services
Corporate Governance
Management Accountability
Fulfilling the Mission
Earning Protection
Credit Rating
Risk Management Discussion
Corporate Disclosure
Human Factor


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