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Corporate Profile

Name: HD Faculty™

Place of Incorporation: Ontario, Canada, in accordance with the provisions of the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA).

Status: At present, HD Faculty is an active privately controlled Canadian controlled corporation

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Restrictions: Pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation, there are no restrictions on the types of business activities HD Faculty may carry on or on powers that it may exercise.

Principal Activities:: HD Faculty is a corporate complex that consists of a series of specialized faculties that are empowered, authorized and equipped to study, manage, administer, resolve, transform and bring to fruition their clients' projects and/or programs in a timely, prudent and transparent manner.

Management Direction: From time to time, the Directors of HD Faculty are required to manage and supervise HD Faculty's business affairs, subject to the constating documents, CBCA, and/or ordinances of the country of domicile. With the exception of Interim Presidency, the Directors, from time to time, are required to appoint a President that is NOT amongst their pier, who shall hold office during his or her term of administration. The President has been empowered by the Board to manage and direct the day-to-day business affairs of HD Faculty within both Canada and abroad, with the exception of policymaking, which is handled by the CEO.

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