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HD Faculty (I) is structured as a special purpose bankruptcy-remote entity that is authorized to be established and organized under the laws of Canada, United Kingdom, USA and/or their respective Territories. Its activities are limited to financing interests in, indebtedness secured by and other rights related to certain kinds of assets and engaging in other activities incidental to providing HD-iSPIV™, HD-FIRST™, HD-BIPS™ and/or liquidity facility for timely payment. The assets in which interests are financed include accounts, general intangibles, chattel paper, instruments, investment property, secured investment accounts and other financial assets of HD Faculty™ and other qualified registered entities (the “Sellers”), as well as certain eligible Canadian entities (the related interests, indebtedness and other rights being the Financial Assets).

It is understood and agreed that statements on this website, be it on, and/or within documents downloaded therefrom that contain words such as "can", "could", "expects", "may", "should", "will", "anticipates", "believes", "intends", "estimates", "targets", "plans", "envisions", "seeks" and other similar language and are deemed forward-looking statements.

Any such statement or statements are based on the presiding directors, officers and/or the duly appointed agents or representatives of HD Faculty´s current or future expectations, guess-estimates, predictions and/or projections, as the case maybe pertaining to the respective markets in which HD Faculty™ operates. Any such statements are subject to significant assumptions, risk factors and uncertainties that are not possible to be accurately predicted; therefore, you are been forewarned not to base your decisions on any such statement.

HD Faculty´s assumptions, although currently considered reasonable by HD Faculty, may prove to be inaccurate and consequently HD Faculty´s actual results could differ materially from the expectations set out herein. Actual results or events could differ materially from those contemplated in forward-looking statements.

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